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L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets: Charles Bernstein

L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, 1980, p. 195


What's money worth? Not a whole lot if
You come up a few bits short & come
Away empty handed. If that was the case
What would you have to say then? At least
The motorperson knows how to blow a whistle.
At least in the winter it's not summer
(God damn mosquitoes & horseflies). What did
The Mandela say to the Mandela? BOY
HITS IGLOO. Snowed motion, i.e., frosted or
Laminated. To be such a bitter pill
& have nothing wrong. Don't laugh
It really hurted. If you put on
My shirt then what shirt am I
Going to wear? The kind of people
Wear plaid Bermuda shorts. The kind of
People that judge people who wear
Plaid Bermuda shorts. The kind of
Day this has been (I think I am
Falling into a tunnel of love but
Forget to get on). For a long time I'd
Say twirl when I meant 'spin'. Have you
Heard the one about the fly & the
Paper? The fly bottle could not found
The fly. The Mother Bear could not
Find the rest of the story. Harry has his
Troubles too but these are not interesting enough
To bear replay. "That's a very
Suspicious-looking baby." "It's hard
Not to be a baby." "But
Are there really babies or just baby-
Behavior?" ─For the purpose
Of your request I'm including this
Sentence about the influence of John
Ashbery. While the packet
Boat sunk I can still imagine I am
Crawling into it; at the same time the ice
Is too thin to
Pretend to fall through.
Meanwhile, the water is wetter in the
Rich man's pond but doesn't taste
As good. ─Hey wait a minute!
That's a bit too close, try to stay
Back at least 10 inches. So what
If the margins don't
Turn out right? Whadda you mean you're
Going to the next poem? This is the best
Part! Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I misunderstood
You. ─But nobody seems to want to hear
About the pain we men feel
Having our prerogatives questioned.
A bunch of darn-dash pragmatists
With justice on their side (for all
The good that will do them). Don't
Frame me or I'll bust you in the
Doldrums. ─Now let's
Switch the subject & try to find
Out what's on your mind. Voyage of life
Getting you down? Felt better when things
Were really rocky & now there's smooth
Sailing but it's lost its meaning? I'm a
Good listener & only mildly demanding:
There's just the one-time fee (mostly
For paper & printing & distribution
Costs) & unlimited returns. I'm bubbling over
With empathy & good advice & I'm not
Afraid to tell you where I think you've
Gone wrong. Let's face it─
From the word go you've
Resented me─resented my being finished
In the face of your─what?─continuing
On? But I don't mean to be complete
If that makes you feel distant; still
As I say, I
Do want some distance. She was a
Sort of Betsy Ross figure but without the
Accoutrements─no washer/dryer, just the one
TV. I said to her─What can you expect
From a poem?─evidently a lot less than
She did. A poem bleeds
Metaphorically, just like I do. I can
No more breathe than face
The music. But if the first
Banana smells a rat look out for
Lost leader (tossed reader). ─"I
Don't think I'm ever
Going home." ─ I don't think
I've ever been home. We are looking for
Cheerful, enthusiastic self-starters
With solid backgrounds in detailed
Wails. The point
Not to change history but to change
Events. For instance, you
Can change in the car, change on the
Beach, or use a changing room
At the beach. Don't change me
& I won't change a hair on your
Chinny chin chin. Or let me
Put it this way: You can call
Me anything you want to but give me
The right change. That's right: I
Haven't changed, you have. It's
Not the time it's the beer. I'm in
A rush, don't forget to send a
Check. Not a con
just a dodge. Not a dodge a Lincoln-
Mercury. Take me to your leader. Take me
To the 5 & Dime I've got to go.
Faith under leisure: as difficult as
Keeping a hat in a hurricane
Or an appointment with an erasure.
One Mandela hit the other Mandela in the nose.
What color blood came out?
R - E - D spells red.
Are you people? You're about the nicest people
I know & I know some pretty unpleasant

(«The Influence of Kinship Patterns upon Perception of an Ambiguous Stimulus», Verse, 1991)

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  1. Bernstein. De grato recuerdo. Bechstein. Conciertos en el Centro Artístico. Sábados tarde. Merienda en café Suizo. Frío. De verdad. Se que no tiene nada que ver, pero ha sido una reminiscencia musical irrefrenable.